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“Buy and Sell Generators Pty Ltd” is a company that understands the needs of the consumer from residential, commercial, industrial and mining industries. We offer a range of  prime and standby power solutions that include new "custom-built" diesel generators, pre-owned generators as well as "UPS's" and "hybrid-Solar" inverters. 


Custom built diesel generators that range from 9KVA up to 2500KVA+ "Prime" and "Standby" rated power-plants that are fitted with OEM diesel engines and various options to meet almost any requirement. From base mounted (Open-Frame) or Sound attenuated (Silent/weatherproof) and containerized generators with the option of the "Base load panel" for manual operation or the upgraded "Anti-Mains Failure panel" and AMF controller that will provide full automatic control and power transfer for an effortless changeover solution in the event of any fluctuations, spikes in supply or complete power loss.


Our range of powerful and true rated, custom built generators are fitted with OEM diesel series engines/(electra-packs), that include brands, such as Cummins, FAW, Lovol, Perkins, Scania, Volvo-Penta and more. The preferred choice of OEM diesel engine will be closely coupled to one of the leading brands in high-quality brush-less alternators - choices include Stamford, Marelli, Mec-alte, Leroy Somer as well as Evotech and Voltazz.


Custom built diesel generators are fitted with "Deep Sea Electronics controllers" others brands are also available on request

All our electronic controllers offer full protection, monitoring of set parameters as well as emergency cut-offs in the event of oil pressure loss, low fuel and over-heating scenarios, this prevents any fault from causing major damage to the internal parts of the diesel engine.

Generator control panels offer manual starting and power transfer operation as well as the "Anti-Mains Failure" panel for automatic starting, power transfer and mains power monitoring with automatic switching capabilities.



Warranty on Engine and Alternator

FAW diesel engine and alternator combinations are supplied with the standard 1 year / 1000 hour warranty, Cummins, Perkins, Lovol, Scania, and Volvo-Penta diesel engines offer an extended 2 year / 1000 hour warranty and 1 year / 1000 hour warranty on the alternator.


 All diesel generators are manufactured in South Africa within 10-15 working days. If exported to any one of the South African countries part of the South African Development Community, we will issue an original SADC certificate with your new custom built diesel generator.


We do our utmost to meet our clients every request from deliveries, rigging, generator inspections, site assessments, mobile-generator trailers, on-site diesel fills, external diesel fuel tanks (up to 10 000L+), remote monitoring/control, servicing, repairs, maintenance contracts, decommissioning of existing generators, new installations, commissioning as well as the logistics for export.


We currently have 4 registered installers located in Gauteng, Swaziland, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Each registered installer will ensure that an electrical "Certificate of Compliance" will be issued on completion of every new installation that is performed on behalf of "Buy and Sell Generators Pty ltd", We will also add an additional 6 months to the standard 1-year warranty on the electrical parts (Panel) as well as the electrical installation.


Our ultimate goal is to supply reliable backup and prime power systems with full servicing backup support to ensure that your business and/or home has a constant power supply to leave you rest assured that everything will continue as per normal, 24/7. 


Bank Financing options are available with most South African Banks, (Absa, Standard Bank & Fnb / Wesbank).



New diesel generators from 9KVA up to 2500KVA.

Custom built sets include brands such as Cummins, Doosan, FAW, Iveco, Perkins, Scania, Volvo-Penta, Iveco, John-Deere and many more high quality diesel engines that are coupled to trusted brush-less alternators, with the industry known and trusted generator controllers in order to create "Powerful" and "True Prime Rated" diesel generators.

Quality Generators with excellent backup service and experience you can trust...

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A selection of pre-owned, low – mid hour usage, checked and tested diesel generators. An affordable backup power solution. Quality generators with low running hours that will give these generators another breath of life to power your home, business or plant...

Servicing and Preventative Maintenance contracts are available to keep your generator running for thousands of hours to come.... A good choice for a business that cannot afford even 1 hour of downtime.

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Contact us for professional installations of your Generators, UPS, Inverter, Solar and Hybrid systems. Our team of registered, highly qualified installers (technicians & electrical engineers) offer support and advice in the selection of the right generator for your needs.

Site-assessments are free of charge within 0-100km from any one of our registered installers - (Gauteng, Western-Cape, Mozambique and Zimbabwe).

Terms & Conditions apply.

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We offer peace of mind with quality after sales - servicing, repairs as well as annual servicing and maintenance contracts for every generator supplied. 

We will can also assist with the majority of other generator makes and models, (On condition of availability).Our team of highly trained technicians and servicing teams strive to provide a professional service as well as to ensure that every experience with us, is a pleasant one.

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Green-Energy Backup power systems

With a range of UPS and Inverter systems that range from single-phase (230V) 600W/800VA to three-phase (400V) 480KVA UPS systems that cater for all your requirements from powering 2 computers to a complete server floor, we have a backup power solution for you. 

Our products are of the highest quality, where the small things count - with pure and high-quality power outputs that also protect your equipment from power surges, extreme voltages as well as to supply instantaneous power during power outages that won't damage your sensitive electronics.

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Solar panels (Pv modules), solar charge controllers, hybrid inverters, deep-cycle batteries and many more solar products to assist with your backup power and full off-grid projects.

High-quality Solar products that include Axpert Pure-Sine wave series inverters with a combination of Canadian solar panels and others at great prices!

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