New Silent Diesel Generators

New Diesel Generators - Silent diesel generators

We now offer an additional range of diesel generators that will be supplied in the silent / sound attenuated, canopy and ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch). The required silent diesel generator will be assembled, tested, and ready for delivery within 4-5 working days from date of order, subject to stock availability.


Diesel generators will have an option of the "standard silent" canopy (80-82db @7m) and the "super-silent" canopy (74-76db @7m) in a "brilliant white" finish 


The range of diesel generators will be fitted with your choice of "OEM diesel engine" that is closely coupled to the high quality "Stromer" brush-less alternator and will be controlled and monitored by SmartGen Electronics AMF controllers.


We strive to offer the best quality products at the lowest prices. Our new addition of budget range silent diesel generators will be suitable for most backup applications.



The complete silent diesel generator set will be supplied with a 1 Year / 1000 hour warranty - whichever is reached first.


Important Information

*Please note that these generators are standby rated which are NOT ideal for prime power applications or continuous use for longer than 4-6 hour periods at a time.

*Non stock items are subject to a 3-4 week lead time for shipping and 1 week for assembly and testing.





Single-phase (230V) generator sets are available from 13.2kVA  up to 22kVA.

Three-phase (380V) generator sets are available from 16.5kVA up to 220kVA.

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