• Generator Maintenance, Repairs and servicing

Maintenance & Repairs

Repairs and Maintenance - "Diesel Generator" repairs, maintenance and servicing

Maintaining your generator according to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule is very important.   If followed as prescribed, you will enjoy many benefits for as long as you own your generator.

Maintenance schedules are developed by each manufacturer to make sure the required fluid changes and check-ups are performed; these all contribute to keeping your generator in top form so it can run reliably.  In many cases, manufacturers require a minimum recommended maintenance schedule in order to keep a generator’s warranty valid.  

If you have regular oil changes, filter changes, fluid top-offs (coolant, and oil), your generator will achieve good fuel economy and retain maximum resale value.  It’s a good idea to save all your documentation relating to standard maintenance, in addition to any repairs done on the generator, to be able to prove the work was performed.  If your generator is the subject of a recall, be sure to have the work done as soon as possible, and keep documentation of the services performed.

Another way to maintain your generator is to keep it clean.  Washing the exterior rids the paint surface of salt and sand in the winter, and tree droppings and other damaging items in the summer.  The interior should be cleaned regularly to provide a clear indication of any fluid leaks.

Missing even one oil change for your generator can lead to premature wear on the engine, and cause damage.  Having your maintenance performed by a qualified service provider is also beneficial; many offer reminders when the maintenance work is due, and they keep records in case yours are lost or misplaced.


Maintenance, Servicing, and Repairs

We offer peace of mind with quality after sales - servicing, repairs as well as annual servicing and maintenance contracts for every generator supplied by us as well as a majority of other generator makes and models, (On condition of availability).

In the event that we do not stock the requested part, our team will source the required item through a local supplier or it will be ordered directly from the specific manufacturer.

Our team of highly trained technicians and servicing teams strive to provide a professional service as well as to ensure that every experience with us, is a pleasant one.

Our generator services include



  • automatic transfer switches
  • CCTV monitoring systems - remote access
  • commissioning
  • concrete plinths, & band walls
  • decommissioning
  • diesel fills
  • drip trays
  • engine water jacket heaters
  • exhaust extensions up to 630kva
  • external diesel tanks up to 10 700L
  • fire extinguishers, & other protection devices
  • fire switch
  • filtration devices, & additional filtration devices
  • fuel pumps (external) - manual and 12v electric
  • generator trailers - single & double axle
  • gravity feed valve's for external day tanks
  • gsm modem for SMS notifications
  • installation assessments
  • installations
  • maintenance contracts
  • operator training
  • power assessments
  • repairs
  • silent, & super-silent canopies
  • servicing
  • servicing filters, & kits
  • synchronization panels

What is a bund?

A bund is an embankment or wall of brick, stone, concrete or other impervious material, which forms the perimeter and floor of a compound and provides a barrier to retain liquid. Since the bund is the main part of a spill containment system, the whole system (or bunded area) is colloquially referred to as the ‘bund’. Bunds should be designed to contain spillages and leaks of liquids used, stored or processed above ground and to facilitate clean-up operations. As well as being used to prevent pollution of the receiving environment, bunds are also used for fire protection, product recovery, and process isolation.


Our Ups / Inverter, Solar and Hybrid services include


  • anti-theft PV module brackets
  • CCTV monitoring systems - remote access
  • installation assessments
  • installations
  • maintenance contracts
  • power requirement assessments
  • servicing, & repairs